Eyebrows being the frames of the face are the game changer when it comes to changing your look drastically. The shape alongside the colour chosen for the brows can have a huge impact on the makeup look you are trying to achieve. This being said, it should also be noted that most women often find it hard to understand their eyebrows and how they need to be carrying them. This is why we have compiled a list of hacks and tricks to help you have the perfect eyebrows you have always wanted.

1. Avoid bathroom lights

The temptation to tweeze out all the unwanted hair from the brow line the moment you see them is high but this is something we would advise against especially if you plan on doing it under fluorescent lights. It will leave you with bald spots that otherwise would have been easily avoided had you been in proper sunlight. To achieve the perfect shape, the lighting needs to be perfect for you to spot and take out all the stray hairs.

2. Magnifying mirrors are a big NO

One common mistake that we have seen made is using a magnifying mirror to shape their eyebrows. With every feature being magnified three times to its normal size, the chances of you overplucking increase. The best way to shape the eyebrows is to step back a couple of times and watch where you are going. Since everyone would be looking at your eyebrows from a distance, this is how you need to perfect them too.

 3. Mark before you proceed

To help you along, one good way to get the right start would be to mark the shape before you begin. Try using eyeshadow for this since it won’t clump the hair together. A white eyeliner while works perfectly too can cause a problem when you are trying to pluck out the rogue hairs.


 4. Don’t overstress

There is a huge misconception amongst us all that both the brows need to be mirror images of each other. This is what causes most of the problem. Eyebrows do not have to be identical but similar. If you do find some changes with the shape that are hard to equal out, do not fret over them since this way you would be ruining the shape that you have perfected so far. When you spot some minor differences between the two, in the end, try to fill the gap up using eyebrow fillers and liners when applying makeup.

5. Don’t forget to trim

Once you are done plucking, do not stop right there. Take the eyebrow brush and use it to brush out the brows in a natural flow. Once you have done that, trim off the excess hair or length to give the eyebrows a more defined look. This way when it comes to filling them up, you would have lesser work to do.

6. The perfect arch

If you notice, we are always trying to shape the eyebrows in a way that would allow us to end up with the perfect arch. Even when we are applying makeup to fill them up, the goal remains the same. This is why when filling up the eyebrows to define them, use the pigment with the highest intensity at the arch. Not only would it make them look more lifted but also give your face a younger feel.

7. Be creative

Just because your friend is more comfortable using the brow pencil doesn’t mean that you have to do so as well. There are many ways and products that you can mix and match or use on their own to define your eyebrows as per your face shape. You have the brow pencils, brow gels, brow powders and brow pens that you have all the liberty to use creatively on your eyebrows. If you don’t have any of these, many products are lying in your makeup box that can be used instead.

If you want to create a subtle tint that holds itself lightly, use the mascara in a dark brown shade for this. You can even mix the solution from a contact lens with your matte brown eyeshadow to create a more dramatic look. In case there are some bald patches that you want to be covered, the grey or brown eyeliner would work perfectly for this. Just make sure to go easy on the strokes and keep the hand motion smooth while doing so.

8. Eyebrows are not a part of your hair

Most girls that we have come across while doing everything else by the book, end up choosing the wrong shade for their eyes to ruin all their efforts. As a general rule of thumb, the shade that you use for your brows shouldn’t match your hair. Say, if your hair is dark, try to use a shade lighter for the eyebrows. On the other hand, if you have light hair, a shade that is a tone darker would go well with your face.

9. Highlight

To give the brows a more oomph factor use a highlighter at the brow bone once you are done defining them. If you don’t know how to do that, then this is not something you need to worry much about. The trick is simple. All you have to do is use a highlighter to line the brow from the lower side and then blend it up with your finger.

10. Do it in the end 

To achieve the most natural look, it is suggested that you get to them at the end of your whole makeup routine. Depending on the makeup look you are going with, the shape of your eyebrows would change. Doing it, in the end, would ensure that nothing looks out of place and blends in perfectly.

These are some of the many hacks that you can follow to level up your eyebrow game.