9 Things You Really Have To Stop Bragging About—Seriously


How did you feel the last time you heard someone standing close to you bragging in a loud voice? That is the same way other people will feel when you brag. For clarification, what does bragging mean? Bragging can be described as a prolonged boastful rant made by a person about their achievements.

Stop bragging. You should take a moment to ponder what you are actually bragging about and how it helps you achieve more in life. Bragging really doesn’t have many benefits instead; you will end up with a long list of haters. The following areas have been highlighted for you to stop bragging about them anywhere.

9. Being boastful about your job

The odds are that many people are not interested in hearing about your job except they can gain something with the information you are bragging about. You should be grateful for your job and the opportunity you have to make a difference in the lives of other people through your position at the organization instead of bragging about it.

8. Proudly announcing the victories of your sports club

It is okay to rejoice when your favorite team wins the league or other competition, but no one really cares about this. You can join the internet crowd to make comments about the victory but this topic should be dropped in a few hours.

7. Stop bragging about excessive alcohol consumption

The things guys like this might have been fun while you were younger but now you are older and it really makes no difference to people hearing if you can consume the quantity of alcohol meant for thirty people. You will only come off as sounding immature when you brag about things like this.

6. Updating your social media with pictures of your kids and pets

We know you are best friends you’re your pets and posting regular updates on your children and pets might seem to fill up your social media page, but a close observation will reveal that many people are not interested in spending few minutes of their time to view your videos. If this was a strategy to make your online presence more prominent, there are better strategies at no cost that you can use to do this.

5. Leading a pretentious lifestyle

There are other people who exaggerate any issues they might have with their expensive gadgets or fancy cars, the aim is to increase the public awareness that they possess these fancy items. Using this means to impress women when you are in the process of finding the one might end up failing because many women understand that the important things in a relationship go beyond material gains.

4. Boasting about how many books you have read

Stop bragging about the number of books you have read because there is every tendency that many people out there have read more book in total that will dwarf your achievement. If you feel the need to suggest books to people, this should be curtly done. Wasting people’s time by talking about the books you have read is actually being unpleasant.

3. Stop bragging about your travels

Consistently bragging about your travel adventures can be making the person sitting next to you feel sad about the fact that they haven’t been able to visit half the places you are boasting about. There is no need to make people dislike you or assume you are an annoying compulsive talker.

2. Stop bragging about your relationships

Finding the one for you is a wonderful thing when you make this announcement known to your friends and family, they will be happy for you but it ends there. Once you are certain you have found a good partner, never let her go but don’t go about dishing out unsolicited information to people who can’t care less about your relationship.

1. Avoid Humble Brags

With the increasing use of the social media, humble bragging has become very common on my timeline, reading tweets that indicate a close friendship with a known musician or successful athlete really means nothing to the readers except you are a star too. Stop bragging about running into Keanu Reeves at the restaurant or posting pictures of Jennifer Lopez as she takes a walks behind you on the streets.

Your achievements will be publicly recognized if they are truly worth it. This means if you have to brag about what you have achieved, it is still in the low ranks and not worth much recognition yet. Bragging is also a turn-off, people dislike loud-mouthed individuals either because bragging reminds them of their personal failures or they really don’t care about what you are wasting their precious time bragging about.