5 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Self-Confidence


Nothing is as great as the feeling of being happy, just by enjoying the simple things in life. When it comes to the right relationship surfacing in your life, all it takes is for you to have the right thoughts and mindset. It’s as simple as that. Learn how to become happier through doing these self-confidence activities, so that you can attract someone great who is deserving of you.

#5— Focus on What You Do Have, Not What You Don’t

✔️Use every minute you have to spend time focusing on all that you’re fortunate to have – not what you want to have but don’t yet. Don’t sit there being jealous of your neighbor, or thinking about how lucky a wealthy celebrity is. Be grateful for what you do have! Remember, stuff you throw in the trash would be a treasure for some people who are nowhere near as fortunate as you.

✔️ Are you whining about the state of your love life or that you hate being single? Nobody likes a whiner! That will only have a negative effect on you and any prospective partners, and only get you thinking again of what you don’t want. Positive and happy is much more attractive than whining and moaning! Send out thoughts of what you do want – support, great conversation, unconditional love, humor, kindness, and commonality. Send out the thoughts, and receive it back!

✔️Show yourself just what you deserve, and don’t settle for less, by asking out loud what you want. What does your ideal partner look like? Ask for it by talking and ending it with, “I deserve this, I am open to this, and something even better!”

#4— Ask for Unconditional Love to Come Into Your Life

✔️Your job isn’t to imagine how and when love will show up in your life; your job is just to be as clear as possible about what you want. There is someone out there for you, so get prepared and let the universe do the rest.

✔️Focus on how amazing that person will make you feel, and how great you will be for them and how fabulous they will feel in return. You’ll both be better off with each other, and you will be developing confidence and radiating happiness and contentment as well.

✔️Hold onto the image in your mind of happiness, laughter, compatibility, etc.

#3— Surround Yourself With Optimistic Positive People

✔️Be around negative people, and you’ll pick up their negative thoughts and block yourself from receiving love.

✔️Make sure you are around confidence builders, so pick up on their good vide. Remember that things are always going to get better, as you’re a glass half full person now!

✔️Maintain an optimistic tone; switch “I can’t” to “I can and I will…”

#2— Smile More

✔️Smiling takes less energy and muscle strength than frowning does, and a happy smile definitely makes you more attractive to others and helps lift your mood.

✔️Smile when you wake up and remember to smile as you meet and greet co-workers, strangers, your boss, friends and even difficult-to-get-along-with family members.

✔️Watch what a difference everyone’s attitude around you is when you greet them with a smile; let your happiness rub off on them and it will encourage love to come your way all day long.

#1— Give Thanks Daily

✔️Focus on all the sources of love in your life; attract more of it to you as you send out loving thoughts of gratitude.

✔️Make a list in your head right before going to bed of everything you’re thankful for – a roof over your head, bills paid off, a warm bed, nice clothes, family, friends, a nice car, etc.

✔️Imagine love as a pure white light surrounding you and lighting up, moving up and down your body, jumping like magic beans. Now imagine seeing your soul mate from across the road. As you cross it, your soul mate envelops you with warmth, comfort, and passion. Hold this image in your head every time you’re fearful or anxious about being single or never meeting “the one”. This visualization can help you in regaining self-confidence and then help to attract the right person.

Believe in Yourself

Use some self-confidence exercises to help boost your happiness and improve your sense of self-worth. All you need to improve your own inner peace and happiness is to transform negative thoughts into positive ones, focus on your amazing qualities and surround yourself with optimistic, positive people who help lift you up and don’t drag you down.

The world can only be as happy as you feel inside, so make it a great place to live by being joyful, 24/7!