Top 4 Foods That Are Great For Your Hair

Foods That Are Great For Your Hair

While expensive hair products are wonderful, there are some items sitting in your kitchen that can also improve the health of your hair. Here are four foods you can put in your hair and how to apply them.

#4 —Avocado

Top 4 Foods That Are Great For Your Hair

It will add shine and moisture, reduce hair loss, and promote hair growth. You can:

—Whip it up with some coconut milk and apply it as a mask. Run it through your damp hair, wait ten minutes, then wash away.

—Warm it up with some olive oil on the stove. Heat it until it is warm to the touch but not hot enough to burn you. Rub it in circular motions on your scalp and then comb it through the rest of your hair.

—Mash it with a fork and apply it to your split ends. Place a shower cap on your head and allow the avocado to “soak” for twenty minutes. Wash your hair after.

#3 —Coconut oil

Top 4 Foods That Are Great For Your Hair

It has fatty acids that will add some moisture to your hair. In fact, you can use it to completely replace your conditioner. Pure, unrefined coconut oil will work the best. Heat a cup of hot water in the microwave for one minute. Add two tablespoons of coconut oil and mix until the oil is melted. Pour a small amount into your hands and run it through your hair (dry or damp). You can use a comb to distribute it evenly. Once all your hair is coated, put on a shower cap. Allow the coconut oil to work its magic for at least an hour. Wash your hair twice with soap to remove all the oil then style as normal.

#2 —Raw egg

Eggs are full of protein, which can make your hair follicles stronger. All you need to do is crack a couple of eggs in a bowl, whisk them, and apply them to your dry hair. Allow them to sit for fifteen minutes (you can use a shower cap if you want), then wash them away! Do this a few times a week for a month or two and then once a week after that.

#1 —Apple Cider Vinegar

Top 4 Foods That Are Great For Your Hair

It will remove product buildup, balance your hair and scalp pH, and treat dandruff. Mix 3 Tbsp warm water with 3 Tbsp apple cider vinegar. Pour it over your hair while you are in the shower. Allow it to sit for one minute then wash it away. If you want to treat dandruff, apply it directly to your scalp and let it sit for half an hour.