Things Real Love will Never Put You Through


I know many people will require more than three pages to write down their personal experiences of being in love, and the reports might tend to be usually negative too. Yes, many people have had bad experiences from relationships where they gave their love but got burnt in the end but we should think about this, what are the things that real love can never make you go through?

I believe there are many paths to finding true love, I think this way because we are all very different in many ways. Taking notes from happy couples that have been going strong for many years might not work for you because you and your partner are not exactly like the happy couple in terms of character and temperament.

The important things in a relationship are vital to keeping the feeling of real love stronger. From this article, we will discuss those things that real love will never do to you, with this information you will be able to reassess your experiences while in a relationship.

One thing is certain, love is real and it is such a beautiful feeling. When you find the one, get to know her, understand her and never let her go. Real love will never create barriers for you.

Real Love

Many relationships face challenges because deep down one of the couple believes the other owes them something. They feel the need to exert authority in many ways that might seem uncomfortable for the significant other. The reaction to this is the development of a barrier caused by resistance when any form of authority is being exerted. The partner trying to exert the authority will be frustrated while they don’t understand that they do not have any entitlement to the demands they are making. The recipient, on the other hand, will be deeply worried at the thought that they have made a mistake being with a selfish partner who only seeks to receive love and affection without reciprocating these feelings.

Real love will never limit you

The happiest couples are best friends too, there are no limits in their communication because they understand each other and over time they have been able to align their lifestyle to match each other. In this case, they are not limited in any way from chasing their dreams or expressing themselves freely without fearing a backlash from their partner.

Real love will not change you

This is another hurdle many people in a relationship fail to come to terms with. Attempting to change your partner to be who you want them to be, can be a very frustrating experience when it doesn’t work. People have formed their characters a long time ago, it will not be easy to change, and many people are not willing to change. A quick survey will reveal that people generally wish for a partner who will accept them the way they are. For a lady, finding true love might mean reading about things a guy likes, but it is really about studying the person and accepting them the way they are. Real love will not question your self-esteem

Real love is actually freedom

Freedom to be openly expressive about what you really want and how you think your relationship can work. True love is mostly misconstrued as a doting partner who sends too many text messages. This might feel nice at first but after a while, it becomes irritating. The love is real when both partners have found ways to support and encourage each other to be better with each passing day by means of good communication rather than nagging about their faults.

Real love will never make you feel guilty

Being with someone who constantly reminds you of your faults and how they need you to become another fake version of you can encourage a feeling of guilt. This is not healthy for relationships, maybe your partner likes to brag about you and they constantly need you to match the perfect picture which they brag to their friends about. This means any changes in your features will lead to constant query and nagging about how you should get back to the way you were before. What if this cannot be helped? You will begin to feel guilty, this is not right and real love will never do this to you. Your partner has to stop bragging.

The best relationships are those where the couple understands that they need to give each other some reasonable space. Everybody needs some time alone, they need to think and live in their own world without any interruptions. It will be wonderful if we can all understand this need and know how to honor our partners by giving them some space. This does not mean neglecting their needs because they need some space, but caring for them from afar and understanding them enough to know when you need to approach or let them come close to you.

In conclusion, we should preach acceptance and tolerance; these two factors are essential for real love to develop in a relationship. We all come from different backgrounds and we have had so many potentially influential experiences on how we see life but if you have found a good person to be with, you need to put in an effort to make the relationship work.