10 Makeup and Beauty Tips For Older Women


We’ve all seen the tutorials, so we know that makeup has the power to transform. The question is, can it transform you into a younger version of yourself? Yep, it sure can, with the right tools and tips. Even if you’re a beginner with no makeup expertise at all, there are a few things you can do to effortlessly wind back the clock. Get started today and look as young as you feel with these 10 makeup tips for the mature among us.

10 –Skip the Powder

you guys remember the “pancake” powder our mom’s used when we were small? Throw that away!! If you do use powder to set your makeup, go for a translucent powder and use a brush to apply it. Then use a setting spray, this helps in many different ways. It sets your makeup, you won’t have powder lines in fine lines, so you will look younger! As we get older, powder starts looking dry, ashy, and dusty on our skin, which visually ages us. What we really want is a youthful glow. Many finer lines can be reduced or eliminated with extra hydration. So drink up to ladies! Head over to the next page…