Do’s and Dont’s for Makeup Beginners


Embarking on the journey of makeup artistry can be daunting for newcomers, shrouded in a veil of complexity and uncertainty. Questions may swirl in your mind: Where do I begin? How do I select makeup that harmonizes with my skin tone and type? What are the secrets to applying makeup in a way that accentuates my features?

Should you resonate with these inquiries, consider this guide your beacon. Below, we’ve curated a collection of beginner-friendly insights to elevate your makeup prowess.

Makeup Faux Pas

makeup for beginners

☆ Avoid Overstocking Products

Diving into the world of makeup as a novice doesn’t necessitate a splurge on an extensive array of items. It’s all too easy to incur a hefty bill on cosmetics, only to find dissatisfaction with your haul.

Rather than hoarding everything from lash primers to setting sprays, focus on the essentials. Your inaugural makeup kit should ideally include just mascara and lipstick. Simplicity is key at the start! Naturally, as you grow more adept, your collection can expand to include a palette of lipstick shades, eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, and beyond.

☆ Refrain from Makeup on Unwashed Skin

Applying makeup to an unclean face sets the stage for potential skin problems. Avoid layering new makeup over old; the sole exception is lipstick, which can be reapplied. Prior to applying foundations or powders, ensure you cleanse your skin thoroughly, allowing your pores to breathe.

☆ Keep Makeup Brushes Clean

Makeup brushes are often neglected. To avert skin issues, establish a routine to clean them regularly. A simple cleaning method involves using warm water and a bit of shampoo. Gently swirl the brush in this mixture, loosen any dried makeup with your fingers, rinse, and then lay it out to dry on a clean towel.

☆ Don’t Neglect Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are pivotal in framing your face but are frequently overlooked. Spare some time to fill in your brows with a matte eyeshadow that closely matches their color. Avoid excessively dark shades to prevent an exaggerated, villainous appearance.

☆ Avoid Crafting Unnatural Brows

While enhancing your eyebrows is important, steer clear of creating overtly artificial, large brows. These can resemble furry caterpillars and are generally unflattering. Instead, enhance your natural brows for a more defined look, especially when using foundation.

☆ Never Sleep in Your Makeup

Falling asleep in your makeup, tempting as it may be, can clog pores and enlarge them. It also impedes your skin’s natural rebalancing process. Make it a point to remove your makeup before bed.

☆ Avoid Mascara Pumping

Pumping mascara to extract more product is a flawed practice. It introduces bacteria and dries out the mascara, leading to clumpy application. Instead, gently swirl the wand in the container. Remember, mascara typically expires after three months.

Makeup Dos

makeup for beginners

☆ Craft a Signature Look

For beginners, makeup application needn’t be time-intensive. Start by creating a signature look:

  • Face: Match your foundation to your chest or opt for a tinted moisturizer.
  • Eyes: Combine eyeliner and mascara for defined eyes, and don’t forget those brows!
  • Lips: Choose a lipstick that complements your skin tone. A classic red lip is always a chic choice.
  • Cheeks: Apply blush to add color, particularly if your foundation tends to be monotone.

☆ Apply Makeup in Natural Light

Where feasible, apply makeup under natural light for the best perception of how it will look outdoors. If natural light isn’t available, consider using a magnifying mirror to spot any flaws not visible under standard bathroom lighting.

☆ Opt for Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic Cosmetics

Aim for cruelty-free, non-toxic beauty products, considering both your skin’s well-being and environmental responsibility.

☆ Apply Concealer After Foundation

Use concealer post-foundation for more effective coverage, as foundation often balances out skin discoloration.

☆ Blend Your Eye Shadows

For multiple eye shadows, ensure to blend them for a seamless transition of colors.

☆ Monitor Skin Changes

Stay vigilant for any skin changes, like rashes or breakouts, as they can signal allergies or sensitivities.

☆ Utilize a Primer

A primer serves as a foundation for your makeup, smoothing the skin and prolonging makeup wear. Start with basic face and eye shadow primers.

☆ Embrace Experimentation and Learning

Makeup is not just a routine, but an art form that invites experimentation. Don’t shy away from trying new techniques or colors. Each attempt is a step towards mastering your personal style. There are countless tutorials and resources available online to guide you on this colorful journey. Remember, every expert was once a beginner.

☆ Invest in Good-Quality Tools

The right tools can make a significant difference in makeup application. Invest in a set of good-quality brushes and tools. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive ones, but those that are well-crafted and suitable for their intended use. Good tools not only make application easier but also help achieve a more polished look.

☆ Regularly Update Your Makeup Collection

Makeup, like any other product, has a shelf life. Using expired makeup can harm your skin. Regularly check and update your makeup collection. Replace products like mascara and eyeliner every few months to prevent eye infections, and foundations and lipsticks every year or so.

☆ Stay Informed About Makeup Trends and Techniques

The world of makeup is ever-evolving. Stay updated with the latest trends and techniques. However, while it’s good to be informed, always prioritize what works best for your face and style over blindly following trends. Makeup is a personal expression and should make you feel confident and happy.

☆ Practice Good Skincare

A flawless makeup look starts with good skin. Invest in a skincare routine that suits your skin type. Healthy, well-moisturized skin provides the perfect canvas for makeup. Remember, the goal of makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it.

These 10 Makeup Tips for Beginners will help newbies understand how to apply makeup, basic do's and don'ts when wearing makeup, and how to feel more confident and beautiful!

☆ Have Fun and Be Confident

Lastly, remember that makeup is about having fun and expressing yourself. It’s a tool to enhance your natural beauty and showcase your personality. Be confident in your experimentation and wear your makeup with pride. Whether it’s a bold lip color or a subtle eye look, what matters most is how it makes you feel.

In conclusion, stepping into the world of makeup is an exciting journey filled with learning, experimentation, and self-expression. Embrace each step with enthusiasm and confidence. Remember, beauty is not just about the makeup you wear but also the confidence with which you wear it.

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