10 Best Ways To Show Love


Bringing yourself closer and enhancing the bond you have with your partner is a great way to overcome any relationship communication problems. It’s a great idea to find new ways to keep the romance and excitement going, or if things are a little rocky, people can use these tips as ways to save a relationship. So let’s get into the 10 best ways to bring the spark back into your relationship and make sure it never dies.

#10. Every Day Can Feel Like Your Anniversary

Don’t wait for your anniversary or something like Valentine’s Day to make your partner feel special. Any or every day will do!

Every day, make a special effort for your partner, so that they feel loved, valued and respected, and that you are always thinking of them.

Practice random acts of thoughtfulness throughout the day; a little bit goes a long way!

#9. Send Text Messages to Her at Work

Show the one that you love that you are always thinking of her, even when she’s not there that you’re always connected to her fully and emotionally.

Take a couple of minutes during the day to send her some nice text messages (save the sexy, naughty ones for a later time).

You could send something like: “Love you! Hope your day is going great,” or “Can’t wait to be at home with you tonight. Love you lots!”

#8. Buy Him Tickets to See His Favorite Sports Team

I hope you know what his favorite sports team is… Keep an eye out for when a big game is on, then surprise him with tickets.

He will always respond to your love when it comes straight from your heart. So when you feel that he’s doing something right in the relationship, give him a gift (something small is OK) so that he knows you aren’t taking him for granted.

#7. Pack a Picnic and Head for the Lake or Park

Everybody loves the chance to kick back, relax and just be comfortable in their partner’s company.

Plan a picnic for your sweetheart and bring a blanket, your partner’s favorite foods and snacks (even if it’s fast food or fried – just anything that will make him or her feel your love and desire to do something nice for them). Don’t forget their favorite beer or wine!

Arrange the picnic for around sundown, and take advantage of the romance of watching the sun go down together.

#6. Try A New Activity Together

What sport, hobby, activity or passion have you always thought about trying, especially as a couple? There’s no better time than now, so what’s stopping you?

Make it romantic and share their enthusiasm and passion. Look at it as a chance to become closer and strengthen your bond.

Some examples could be, go hiking or biking, take a cooking class, go rowing, or even bowling can be romantic with your loved one by your side to share the experience and laughs.

#5. Try a New Kissing Style

Some people find kissing the same way every day can get a bit boring.

If that’s the case, try something new – passionate French kissing, butterfly kissing (eyes open and standing close enough to flutter your eyelashes up and down, touching), Eskimo kissing (kissing by rubbing noses together gently), and perhaps even the Spiderman kiss (he’s upside down, you’re right side up).

#4. Serve Breakfast in Bed

Your thoughtfulness first thing in your morning will make your partner feel love all day long.

Make it a surprise breakfast in bed, with fresh fruit, coffee, juice, pancakes (or whatever your partner’s favorite breakfast foods are, and don’t forget the single red rose). Treat them well, and they will think about it the whole day.

#3. Take Them Out to Lunch

Make sure they are not too busy that day, then offer to take them out to their favorite café.

Tell your partner you love them and just wanted the chance to be with them and spend more time together.

#2. Focus on Listening to your Partner

Make an effort to actively listen to your partner free of internal and external distractions (mute that phone). Giving someone your complete and undivided attention is one of the most romantic maneuvers you can do. Don’t be one of those people who check their phone every two minutes like they are waiting for a better offer…

Be present with them, listen to and acknowledge what they have to say.

Focus on what they are saying and respond where you can, and offer suggestions, ask questions, ask what he or she needs help with, and show you want to support him or her.

#1. Connect Through Your Favorite Tunes

If your partner is stressed or you’ve had a recent argument, play some of your favorite music to help soften the emotions and help get their mind off what is worrying them.

Hold them or maybe even dance with them; stay close then allow whatever comes to happen!

Romance should be kept simple! Show your loved one you care by showing affection, and you’ll win over their heart and strengthen the bond you already have between you.

Some new romantic gestures are the key to boosting this love you have for one another and will help ensure that the closeness you enjoy is added to and strengthened.